$$$ Introducing Income Madness Week: 6 Days of Live Options Trading $$$
Live Options Income Trading Workshop:
Our Goal: Make $1,500 In Cash Income In Just One Week!
Deadline to Get Your Pre-Sale Seat: 11:59pm Pacific Time Monday, September 12th, 2022
The Next Income Madness Week
Begins on Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

The Only Live Options Trading Workshop With This 6-Year Track Record:

$103,293 Total Cash Produced

6 Days Live Trading - 30 Minutes Per Trading Session

$3,130 Average Income Per Income Madness Session

34 Consecutive Sessions Achieving Our $1,500 Goal

The Income Madness Week Goal of $1,500 in cash income is based on a 1.5% Return on Capital on a $100,000 portfolio, trading an average of 3 contracts per trade. Smaller portfolios can still get cash income at 1 contract per trade. See results and testimonials below.
If You Want to Make More Money, Faster...
You Need To Get Income Madness Week Today
Do You Know How to Get Results Like These In Just 6 Days?
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I just wanted to thank you for another great Income Madness Week, I made $8,536 during the week. I didn't trade every recommendation however I did trade most of them (at 10-15 contracts per trade).

Robert T., October 10, 2020

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Hi Michael,

I made $1,117.16 for the week of (Income Madness) trading. I did not do all trades due to capital limitations and used varying numbers of contracts from 2 to 5 for the ones I did trade. Thanks for doing this!

Patrick B., October 8, 2020

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Just wanted to let you know that after a few year hiatus, I am subscribed to your Options Income Blueprint program and I participated in your last two Income Madness programs and am quite pleased with the results.

With the (November 2020) Madness program, I netted $5,709 and with the (December 2020) program, I netted $4,062. Thanks for a couple of very successful weeks.

Bill M., December 2020

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In 2021 alone, we held 8 Income Madness Week events.

Each one BEAT our goal based on a $100,000 portfolio trading an average of 3 contracts per trade. That's total income in just eight trading weeks of $29,583. In just 6 weeks of live trading events. Now, imagine you could get these results EVERY week.

How much would that be worth to you?

Even if you have a SMALLER portfolio, between $25k and $60k, trading just 1 contract per trade you would have added $9,861 to your income or to your portfolio.

The table below represents NET cash - including any losing trade (and there were a few) - after the full 6 days of live trading during an Income Madness Week event.

When closed the January 2022 Income Madness Week, here's how we did:

16 Trades, 15 Winners, 1 Open Trade ... $2,922 Cash Income

And now...

I'm preparing for the next Income Madness Week live trading event from September 27 - October 4th, 2022, with live options trading each day at Noon Eastern time.

If you want to know how to get DAILY income selling options...

and how you could make $1,500 or more in just one week, you need to get one of the limited number of seats for the next Income Madness Week event.

September Income Madness
Special Event: Save $200 
More Profitable Feedback from Income Madness Traders:

"I really enjoyed your Income Madness program. I made over $1500 (even though I) was unable to trade 2 days!!!! I really do like those "overnight options""
Greg B.

"I executed 13 of the trades ... and made a total of $1,020. It was a lot of fun and taught me how important it is to take smaller profits and make them winning trades instead of watching the trade go against you and losing profits...I look forward to participating again."

Ruthann G., January 2020

"I would love to see another Income Madness sooner than later...Always great stuff. Thanks to the amazing team Dave, Emily and Michael!!!"
Francine M., March 20, 2020

"This has been a very lucrative Income Madness Week using "Silly Puts."
How about continuing for another week."
Jack M., March 20, 2020

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say how pleased I am...Even working with a small portfolio can be very profitable if you watch your capital allocation." John E. Canada, April 14, 2020
(John's spreadsheet is below)

Ed. Note: Teladoc Health (TDOC) would have closed for a net profit of $210; Expedia (EXPE) for $190 and Bank of America (BAC) for $100 using John's positions and contracts above. His revised total, including fees, would have been $2,478.80 USD
Special Income Madness Event: Save $200
And, Get My Options Income Accelerator
Coaching Workshop Included Free
A $497 Value Included FREE!
The Next Income Madness Week Runs September 27- October 4th, 2022
1 Hour Live Income Trading Workshop at Noon Eastern Time Each Day
Here's Everything You Get With Your Income Madness Ticket:
You get access to 6 one-hour live income trading workshops so you can generate INSTANT INCOME with my help.

The workshops are attended online via webinar. We will execute our trades in the first 15 minutes of each workshop day.

Apply Highly Profitable Income Trading Tactics (and I'll include more tactics depending upon market conditions):

The One-Day Trade (or "overnight options trade"): This tactic remains powerful for options traders as they discover how to sell options on one day and close the trade the next morning, keeping 50% to 80% of the premium collected.

The "Silly Put": You'll learn to sell a Put Options so far out of the money there's practically no chance of assignment, yet you still collect a very rich premium.

The "Cash Roll": This is a highly profitable tactic that most options traders don't know to use. Sell a Put Option, then, before expiration, roll that option forward to a different week, collecting more cash on top of the money you've already made.


Email and SMS/Text Trade Alerts: You won't miss a single trade during Income Madness Week because I'll send you every trade recommendation via email and text message in case you can't make a live trading session.


Trade Closing Instructions: You also get email and SMS follow-up on all trades for maximum profits – and if any trade extends beyond Income Madness Week, I won't leave you hanging. I'll stay in touch with up to date instructions on what to do with the trade.


Private Member's Website: All of your tools, video recordings and alerts are also available on a private member's website. Use this to go back and review the live trading sessions and especially to listen in on the Q&A sessions.


$497 Bonus Included FREE: Options Income Accelerator Coaching Workshop: You'll get Instant Access to this three-part coaching clinic so I can prepare you for maximum success during Income Madness Week. We'll focus on the most important things you need to know:

  • Capital Allocation, Stock Selection and Setting Goals
  • How to Sell Put Options (the basics plus some advanced tactics)
  • Trade Management, Rolling, Avoiding Losing Trades

Plus, you get access to two of my most valuable calculators:

The Income Goals Calculator which helps you master portfolio allocation and how to reach your income goals; and,

The Put Options Calculator which runs the numbers you need to know before you ever place a trade (ensures you're making a good trade, not a bad trade).

What is Income Madness Week?
Income Madness Week is a webinar-based, live trading workshop designed to teach options sellers how to collect DAILY cash income using live trade recommendations (without being a day-trader).

Each day during Income Madness, we'll meet at Noon Eastern on a live webinar, and I will:

  • Recommend the stocks I want to trade;
  • Show you the tactics I plan to use (I have several which are highly profitable); then, 
  • Give you the exact trade details so you can place the trade immediately while we're on the live webinar together.

Then, each day, I'll follow up on our current trades to close them with you (or I'll send you closing instructions via email or text message).

On average, we'll make 1-3 trades each day for a total of 15-20 trades during the six-day live trading event.

You'll learn AND use my best income-producing tactics, but you won't be "on your own."

I'll explain the tactic. I'll show you how to execute the tactic. Then, I'll hand you an exact trade recommendation to use with the tactic.

Then, I'll show you step by step how to enter the trade, and how to exit the trade for maximum cash gains.

The goal is to help you get $1,500 or more in cash income from the trades we'll make together during the 6-day live workshop.

Some trades may extend beyond the Income Madness Week end date. If so, I'll continue to follow up with you with additional recommendations on those trades until they're closed completely (and profitably).

Now, you may make more than the goal of $1,500; you may make less.

It depends upon the overall value of your portfolio or trading account and the amount of that portfolio you can dedicate to the trades we will make together during the workshop.

You can expect between 15 and 18 total trades, or 1 to 3 trades each day.

Then, we'll also CLOSE most of our trades within 1 to 2 DAYS after we make them.

The one thing you can count on is to use my highest-performing options trading tactics to collect cash income EVERY SINGLE DAY during the workshop.

Each tactic has been proven to work DURING Income Madness Week since I started this workshop in 2016.

That's 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 Consecutive Profitable, Goal-Beating Sessions (and no, I'm not worried about "jinxing" myself here)

Average Cash Income Per Session (over 6 years): $3,130

That's an average of $521 per HOUR ... Heck, at that rate, you're making more than lawyers make (Sorry, lawyers)...
How One Income Madness Trader Made $10,284
in Just 12 Days

Below are the actual trading results provided by one of my student traders, Terry B., for two separate Income Madness Week Workshops which were held in November 2020 and January 2021.

Please note total capital does not necessarily reflect the maximum capital that "must be" in use at one time. You do not have to have as much money as Terry to be successful. We'll prove that later.

Gives you something to shoot for though, doesn't it?

January 2021 Results: $6,062.50
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November 2020 Results: $4,228.88

Add that up and in just 12 days of trading during 2 of my Income Madness Week Workshops, that's $10,290 in cash income.

That's how powerful this workshop is for options sellers - Terry even had FOUR losing trades...

...and he STILL made over $10k.

Imagine what results like these could do for you.

Is The Income Madness Week Goal Realistic? Yes.
We've Beaten That Goal In Every Income Madness Week Event
Since We Started Them In 2016!
...That's 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 Consecutive Workshops and Counting...
We've set an ambitious goal: to collect $1,500 or more cash income from trades we'll execute together during my 6-day Live Income Trading Workshop called Income Madness Week.

Why that goal? So you can see HOW it can actually be accomplished. And what's more, I'm going to do it WITH you to help you meet - or beat - that goal.

Over five years and 34 Income Madness Week events, I know it can be done. Just look at this long-term record ...

Track record assumes maximum capital of approximately $100,000 trading 3 contracts on average

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But ... You Can't Sell Options
When Markets Go Down 20%!
Oh... Yes... YOU CAN...
We held our March Income Madness Week from March 11-19, 2020 and with premiums still sky-high, we decided to add more Income Madness Weeks this year. Look at the results from the "pandemic" crash and recovery from March to May 2020 below.

Usually, I hold Income Madness Week each quarter, but let's be realistic: there is money to be made if you know HOW TO MAKE IT.

And the truth is, most options traders DON'T have the CONFIDENCE to make money when markets do THIS:
In March (2020), As The S&P 500 Crashed -16%,
My Income Madness Traders "Cashed In"
With Gains of $3,141
($1,047 at one contract per trade)

We enjoyed 16 wins out of 17 trades (you can't win them all).

Plus, Our Bonus April Income Madness Week Replicated That Performance
with 16 Trades, 16 Wins and $3,411 Cash Income
($1,137 at one contract per trade)
Then, In May, Our Income Madness Week Robbed The Markets Blind Again:
17 Trades, 17 Wins and $3,006 Cash Income in Just One Week
($1,002 at one contract per trade)
In Just Three Weeks of Trading,
That's $3,186 In Cash Income for Smaller Portfolios...

Or $9,558 in Cash Income For Larger Portfolios...

Get Your Income Madness Week Seat Today and Save $200

Our Next Income Madness Week Runs September 27 - October 4, 2022
with live income trading each weekday at Noon Eastern Time.

In 2019, Income Madness Week Paid Members $10,911 

Most members trade more than one contract, which means at an average of 3 contracts per trade, Income Madness could have paid you $10,911 in extra income

And it would have taken you a mere 24 hours total trading time to collect that cash!

(By the way, that's $454 per hour in cash income).

March 2019: $2,940 (3 contracts)

14 Trades, 14 Wins (wait, you can win them all)

In March 2019, my Income Madness Week members cashed in on just 14 trades and $2,940 in total income (or $980 at one contract per trade).

June 2019: $2,784 (3 contracts)

15 Trades, 15 Wins

Then, in June, our one-week Income Madness workshop paid another $2,784 cash income (or $928 at one contract per trade) on just 15 trades!

October 2019: $2,922 (3 contracts)

16 Trades, 16 Wins

In October, another 16 trades, 16 wins and total cash income of $2,922 (or, $974 at one contract per trade)!

December 2019: $2,265 (3 contracts)

17 Trades, 16 Wins

We closed 2019 with our final Income Madness Week in December, winning 16 out of 17 trades for total cash income of $2,265 (or $755 at one contract per trade).

See The Actual Results From Income Madness Week Traders:


Thank you for a great Income Madness Week.

Although I missed out on the first day winners due to a personal commitment and elected not to sell the EXAS Put, I made $3,638 after commissions on the other 11 recommendations.

Thanks again for a great week. Happy 4th of July.


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Here's an email from one attendee, Allan K., with his actual P&L from the June 2019 Income Madness Week...


Just to let you know. I just closed DIS – last one in the current Income Madness.

Here are my results after commissions (I use Interactive Brokers – great commissions):

1 GILD  profit: $36.53
1 PYPL profit: $26.38

1 GRUB profit: $40.41

3 BAC profit: $9.00

1 DIS profit: $45.92

2 TGT loss: $15.28  rolled it

3 DAL profit: $83.43

1 EXAS profit: $51.56

2 TGT profit: $52.70

1 EXPE profit $84.46

1 MSFT profit $100.11

2 GILD profit: $168.41

2 LNG profit: $109.26

1 DIS profit: $158.11

Total $951.00

My portfolio is now at 131K. So not bad.  Thanks.

Allan K

*** Numbers above to the left of a stock symbol represent the number of contracts sold for each trade listed by Allan. So 2 TGT profit: $52.70 means 2 contracts sold for a net profit of $52.70.

Here Are Allan's Results from October 2019...
He Wanted to Share Them Again!

"Just to let you know.  Last time (June 2019) my total was $951 – you used my results in your ad – see below. Here are my results after commissions (I use Interactive Brokers – great commissions) for Oct 2019. Thanks. There were more trades this time."

Allan K

What you can see here is Allan was more aggressive selling 2 contracts per trade than he was in June...

...and that meant he collected 41.3% MORE cash than if he had sold just one contract per trade.

1 Contract: 5 of 16 trades (31%) in October compared to 8 of 14 trades (57%) in June
2 Contracts: 9 of 16 trades (56%) in October compared to 4 of 14 trades (29%) in June
3 Contracts: 2 of 16 trades (13%) in October compared to 2 of 14 trades (14%) in June

Allan Shared His December Results, Too!

Compare Allan's Results from June through December -
in his own words..."See a trend?"

Yes, Allan, we do see a trend!

Unsolicited results from a paying Income Madness Week member, Allan K. Member has not been compensated for providing data and details.

Here's How Allan Collected 122% MORE Cash in December 2019

Average number of contracts traded:

June 2019: 1.5
October 2019: 1.8
>>>>December 2019: 2.6

Again, Allan increased the number of contracts per trade in December which shows how his confidence has grown: in December 2019, nearly 50% of his trades were 3 to 5 contracts per trade!

1 Contract: 3 of 17 trades (18%)
2 Contracts: 6 of 17 trades (35%)
3 Contracts: 4 of 17 trades (24%)
4 Contracts: 3 of 17 trades (17%)
5 Contracts: 1 of 17 trades (6%)

...and that meant he collected 122% MORE cash than if he had sold just one contract per trade.

If You Want Results Like These You Can Only Get Them
If You Join Income Madness Week

No Long-Term Commitment Necessary.

Now Watch As Allan Nearly DOUBLES His Cash Gains from $1,676 to $3,048 During the April 2020 Income Madness
Allan isn't the only member sharing results...
Meet Richard E. And See HIS Results from
His First Ever Income Madness Week
"Way better than I have ever done"

"I wanted to share my Income Madness results for the last session (March 2020). Not quite as good as Michael shared for a couple of reasons:

  • Not able to close positions at prices given
  • Due to portfolio size, I did not take a couple of trades
  • My results include commissions and fees ($ .65./contract with ThinkorSwim)
  • On a couple of trades, I was not able to enter the same day. On the next day, I was able to get a higher premium ... and/or same premium at a lower strike
  • All trades were one contract

Overall...still way better than I have ever done."
Richard E. 1st Income Madness Results

Want to know what the "catch" is?

You have to make the trades.

It's THAT simple.

Here's the secret to what you'll learn when you join us for Income Madness Week:

We don't hit home runs. We do hit a TON of singles and doubles.

While every other options trader IGNORES this easy money (because they don't think that $40, $50 or $70 is "worth their time")...

Go back and look at how quickly it added up for Allan! Not once... not TWICE ... but FOUR TIMES!

That's $951, $1,377, $1,676 and $3,048 in cash income in one week and the most money he made on any single trade was $300 bucks.

But all those "little trades" added up, didn't they?

In just four Income Madness weeks, that's $7,052 in total cash collected by Allan, or an average of $1,763 per Income Madness Session.

If you could make $1,763 per week just 26 weeks a year...that's $45,838 cash income.

If you could make that $1,763 every week, that's $91,676 in potential income for you.

Heck, that's more income than most people make with their DAY JOB.

We take every single dollar because these are trades that only last 1 to 3 days, often carry less risk (to nearly zero risk), and when done correctly - as you can see - the cash ADDS UP FAST.

Seriously - if you were walking down the street and you saw $20 lying on the sidewalk, are you telling me that you WOULDN'T pick it up and stuff it in your pocket? Oh yes you would!

Then why should your trading be ANY DIFFERENT?

Even though your "BEST" trade one day might be just a measly twenty bucks.

So prove to yourself that making more cash income in one week is actually possible...because if you can make $1,500 in 6 days...

...that's $78,000 in cash income you could be making for yourself every year.

And the best part is, you'll learn how you can get that cash in mere minutes per day.

Want more proof? Read Clint's email below...
"It is rare to buy a service and actually make a profit with it, let alone cover the cost..."

I can't tell you how excited I was by Clint's email. He couldn't "sell" options so he had to create his own trades using credit spreads (requiring far less capital).

And still made a 73% on his investment in Income Madness Week.

PURE GENIUS. Way to go, Clint.

Here's What You Get During Income Madness Week
You get access to 6 one-hour live income trading workshops so you can generate INSTANT INCOME with my help.

The workshops are attended online via webinar. We will execute our trades in the first 15 minutes of each workshop day.
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You get my top income trading tactics which work in ANY Market so you never have to worry about keeping the income flowing.
You'll get my "One Day Trade" – so you learn how to safely sell Put Options for consistent income – even if the trade only lasts one day!
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Free Money Trade - The FREE MONEY Trade is a way to “lock-in” cash income when unique conditions in a stock and its options occur. (I already have one stock on my radar for our Free Money Trade during Income Madness Week.)
Divider Text
You'll learn my Weekend Cash Trade so you can sell a put or call option on Thursday or Friday, and close it out by Tuesday for "Weekend" cash!
Divider Text
 The Silly Put/Call Trade: You're selling a “put or call option” so safe and out-of-the-money that there is little or no chance of being assigned or called out of the stock and yet you still collect a rich premium.
Divider Text
You'll also get all trade recommendations by email alert and SMS/Text (if you want them), so even if you can't make a live session, you will NOT miss out on a single Income Madness Week trade.
Divider Text
You get email follow-up on all trades for maximum profits – and if any trade extends beyond Income Madness week, I won't leave you hanging. I'll stay in touch with up to date instructions on what to do with the trade.
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$497 Bonus Included FREE: Options Income Accelerator Coaching Workshop: You'll get Instant Access to this three-part coaching clinic so I can prepare you for maximum success during Income Madness Week. We'll focus on the most important things you need to know:

  • Capital Allocation, Stock Selection and Setting Goals
  • How to Sell Put Options (the basics plus some advanced tactics)
  • Trade Management, Rolling, Avoiding Losing Trades

Plus, you get access to two of my most valuable calculators:

The Income Goals Calculator which helps you master portfolio allocation and how to reach your income goals; and,

The Put Options Calculator which runs the numbers you need to know before you ever place a trade (ensures you're making a good trade, not a bad trade).

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Income Madness Week runs March, June, October and December, for 6 days each time we run it. Each live Income Madness workshop begins at Noon Eastern time and ends by 1pm Eastern Time.

We'll meet via live webinar each day at Noon – and you should be ready to trade within the first 15 minutes of signing on to the webinar room.

I'll give you a step-by-step overview of how to use the income tactic we'll be trading, and a brief analysis on the stock or stocks we'll be trading (and why the stock is best for the tactic).

Then, we'll execute the income trade TOGETHER.

Finally, I'll give you instructions for how to CLOSE the trade for maximum profits.
Reserve Your Income Madness Week Seat Right Now and Save $200
Reserve Your Income Madness Seat Today!
Over $103,293 Cash Income Produced Since 2016
(that's an average of $521 per hour)
Since I started my Income Madness Week workshops in March 2016,
we've beaten that $1,500 goal EVERY SINGLE TIME.

That's a winning streak of 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 consecutive workshops - over 5 YEARS.

I don't say this lightly - I'm the best at what I do and what I do best is teach traders like you how to GET MORE INCOME.

If you could learn how to get $1,500 per week in cash income, that could translate into $80,000 in annual cash income.

Would that be worth YOUR time?

“Michael, thanks - that was a fun week of trading. I paid for the program with all of the trades I did together with you during the Madness webinars.” William B.

Most Trading "Systems" LIMIT your Trade Choices

You're looking at the results of the last 32 Income Madness Weeks, where we've beaten our $1,500 goal each session. Each of those years saw corrections, roller-coasters rallies, sideways going-nowhere markets.

I've already shown you December 2018, when the S&P 500 alone lost 18%. We traded right through the thick of that in Income Madness.

And, you've seen the results from March 2020, when the S&P 500 lost 16% in ONE WEEK. We still profited HUGE.

How? Because my tactics are not limited to the direction of the market.

Imagine what's possible for you when you learn how to use your portfolio to collect cash income on demand because you're NOT AFRAID of whether the market is up or down.

That's the point of the workshop: To teach you how to open up your trading possibilities to create more income for yourself.

Too often what I see happening is traders get stuck following one or two "systems" or "methods." When market conditions don't favor those systems or methods, what happens?

Traders either lose money or they can't trade. Their system won't allow them to trade.

In both cases, you miss out on income potential because it's the systems and method which limit you, not the market.

That's why my tactics are market-neutral: I don't care if the markets are up, down, or sideways.

Every tactic you'll use during the Income Madness Workshops can be used in different market conditions. But that isn't the only lesson you'll walk away with.

The really big idea is how to generate more cash income by using tactics that work in ANY MARKET CONDITION SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Just like I did with JP Morgan (JPM) – I used my Silly Put trade to generate $90 in cash income in just 4 days by selling a put option that was so far out of the money, there was no way we could be assigned.

Or a trade where I used my One Day Cash trade to generate $70 per contract on Salesforce (CRM) in ONE DAY.

Or my "Roll" Trade tactic, which allows me to "double down" on my cash income on the same trade:

We sold the March 13 100 strike Put on Zoom (ZM) for $ .55, or $55 per contract

The next day we ROLLED that trade out and down - out to the March 20 expiration and down to the 95 strike (which was 30% out of the money) and ADDED $.90 or $90 per contract in total cash.

When we closed that trade on March 16, we collected a TOTAL of $1.45 or $145 per contract - all from a very simple tactic.

That's why tactics are more powerful - they give you more flexibility without being dependent upon specific market conditions.

So, if you don't have those tactics...you can't get more income.

If you want to learn how to get income no matter which direction the markets are moving...
Reserve Your Income Madness Seat Today!
Reserve Your Income Madness Seat Here!
If ALL the Income Madness Live Income Trading Workshop did was teach you ONE tactic to bring in $1,500 or more in cash income every single week, would it be worth it to you?
That's why YOUR goal when you reserve your seat in Income Madness is to produce at least $1,500* in cash income DURING the six live trading workshops.

Once you've proven to yourself you CAN do this (regardless of what the market is doing)...

...nothing will ever hold you back from making the most income possible for yourself.
So do this right now:
Get Your Income Madness Week Seat 
You'll find "Income Madness" Week to be the most effective (and yet lowest cost) "do it with me" live trading workshop you'll find anywhere.

Here's a thought: if all my "Income Madness" Live Income Trading Workshop teaches you is just ONE tactic to bring in $1,500 or more in cash income every single week, would it be worth it?

I bet it would! So please don't let this pass you by.

I'm looking forward to teaching you there really is nothing sweeter than daily cash flow from your own portfolio.

Reserve Your Income Madness Week Seat Today! Our next Income Madness Week takes place September 27 - October 4, 2022!

It's coming up fast and I can't wait to show you how to accelerate your income trading skills and results!
Get Your Income Madness Week Seat Today
So You Can Trade Live With Me Each Day, September 27 - October 4, 2022!
About Michael Shulman
Michael Shulman is a 30 Year Veteran of the financial markets – as a trader, a financial analyst, a financial writer and most recently as an educator.

His trade recommendations in his Options Income Blueprint, Income Madness Week and Income Masters services maintain a 98% success ratio, meaning his trades produce the expected income 98% of the time. No one's perfect.
* $1,500 Cash Income Goal is based on a 1.5% return on capital on a $100,000 portfolio. Your actual cash income may differ; it may be more, it may be less. Some trades may extend beyond the ending date of Income Madness Week depending upon market conditions - if so, Michael will follow-up with recommendations on those trades until the trades are completed.

Please note Income Madness is a one-time, week-long event. This is not a subscription or recurring charge.

For best results, you need to be able to attend the live sessions or have immediate access to email during the Noon-1pm Live trading workshops when trade recommendations are sent out in real-time.

Income Madness is not for investors or traders with small accounts (less than $25,000). Income Madness is best used by investors or traders with trading accounts greater than $25,000.

(866) 257-3008




Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM EST

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